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Aromatherapy Natural Solutions

November 19, 2015 / no comments, on Aromatherapy, Crafts, Do-It-Yourself

It’s a scientific fact that smells can effect our moods.  Aromatherapy can relax and comfort us with familiar scents.

Yet, many of the scent solutions we use today are packed with chemicals that can effect your health eliminating the benefits of aromatherapy.

Recently, I was searching for a safer option to freshening the air in my home with the fresh scents I love, without all the chemicals.

Of course, that search led me to Pinterest.  Talk about a treasure trove of ideas!

Enter a simple solution with products I already had and inexpensive essential oils.

Taking mason jars I already had on hand (I love mason jars!), baking soda already in my cupboard and a few drops of essential oils naturally scented, I had a natural air freshener with no chemicals!

I used some extra burlap I had on hand from other projects to cover the tops of the jars to allow for the scent to drift through the top of the jar.

Not only are they more decorative than any air freshener you can buy, the cost is significantly less.

The possibilities to this solution are endless.  Use different scents in different rooms.

Don’t like the essential oil options?  Check your spice cabinet for scents like vanilla, peppermint or cloves.

The spices and extracts scent the room.  The baking soda absorb the odors.  The jars and containers decorate your home.

You can also consider just boiling some water with oranges, cloves and cinnamon sticks for a quick kitchen freshener.  Let your imagination run wild!

The ideas for natural aromatherapy for the home are endless, and budget friendly.  In turn, you get the comforting scents that relax you and your family.  The familiar scents of home!

Want more options?  Check our these other ideas on how to freshen the air with natural solutions.



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