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Music’s Magic Power

November 20, 2015 / no comments, on Music

Music is probably my single most used tool to escape from the world and its troubles.

When the world goes mad, I turn to music.  A week ago we once again bore witness to the horror that is terrorism as Paris was attacked.  Couple that with all the recent attacks in other countries and the shootings here in the United States and anyone would be guilty of just wanting to forget it all.

My own personal escape came in the form of music.

Now, to be clear, I have always believed that the holiday season doesn’t start until Santa Clause arrives in front of Macy’s in New York City at the end of the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This year, as the radio stations started playing Christmas music on the day Paris was forced into the worldwide spotlight, I found I couldn’t change the channel as I used to do.

I broke my own rule for the pure feeling of happiness those holiday tunes gave me.

Who can not smile when hearing the tones of Linus’ piano at the Peanuts holiday soundtrack floats through your earphones?

Christians enjoy the carols that they sing in honor of a child’s birth.

Those who celebrate Hanukkah find comfort in their traditional season songs.

Kwanzaa observers have a unique collection of tunes that celebrates their culture’s special holiday of the season.

We can’t forget Santa Clause!  No matter your religion, who cannot smile at the gift giver to children and the music that celebrates his legend.  From Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to the Grinch, we can all smile and escape to a simpler time.  Even for just a little while.

So the next time you are stressed out about the state of our world, turn up the radio in your car, select that holiday music on your audio player or turn up the volume on your iTunes and celebrate a season that promises hope, happiness and peace.



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