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Destress Your Life with Color

November 17, 2015 / no comments, on Crafts, Hobbies

Everyday living can be trying.  In these turbulent times, we find our minds contemplating the “what-ifs” and if anywhere is safe for ourselves and our families.

Yet, life continues and we have to meet these challenges by finding ways to de-stress our lives.  A good place to start is with COLOR!

One of the simplest ways to achieve that goal is the literally go back to a simpler time.  Back to when we were children and our worries were few and far between.

Open your adult world to the wonders of the coloring book.

Once upon a time, we concentrated on coloring between the lines with our crayons.  Now, as adults, focus on inspirational designs and color combinations using colored pencils and markers.

Find that moment when you concentrate of what’s in front of you and not on what you can’t control.

Swap the crayons for colored pencils and markers.

If you have trouble with hand pain due to arthritis or other ailments, use markers.  The color goes down smoothly and you can still shade your drawings by going over a previously colored area.

Colored pencils give you more control over the shading, but can be harder on the hands.

For even more variation, combine the colors of pencils and markers for unique coloring options.

Your choices of coloring books are endless.  From mandalas, nature, animals, geometic designs to inspiration quotes, bible verses and snowflakes, you can find the right fit to lead you into a world of peace and tranquility for even a few precious moments.




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